Tuesday, January 24, 2012


i was just fooling around today and this is where my mind went when i wasn't looking,
and it's true.
so very true.

i have a major case of wanderlust.

so bad
that i'm just sick in the head.
people must say,
"oh look at that girl, with her head in the clouds. haven't a care in the world, that one.
she must be sick. she must be simple."

but i've got a want that i need to satisfy.

i want to hop a plane,
i want to pack a suitcase,
i want to take a roadtrip.

i want to be somewhere where i know no one and everything is new.
i want to be a stranger to my environment.

i want to travel.


  1. i'm a homebody. but i love traveling too. that makes no sense but that's the way it is.


  2. can we take a road trip together? spring break? have no plan and no destination? just drive & take pictures & blast good music & eat good food and have the time of our lives?


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