Wednesday, January 4, 2012


i totally thought that calling it twentyeleven was going to catch on. it really didn't. 

i was never a person who cared much about the supposed renewing qualities new year's day holds.
it was always just tomorrow. just tuesday or wednesday. just a day in january.
then i noticed things...
numbers changed,
folders were archived,
calendars entirely discarded,
dates and things belonging to the previous year would forever occur in that year and that year alone.

january twentytwelve means so many things to so many people.

it means the gym will once again be super crowded.
it means i will have to adjust and it's going to, once again, take me til march to remember to write 2012.
it means everything that happened in 2011, stays in 2011,
and now, the 2012 part of my life begins
and will forever occur in 2012.

so many things about the new year are so promising
if you look at it from a personal history standpoint.

january. what a beautiful word!
what a wonderful sound
with all that it entails.

i'm so ready to have a fresh new calendar,
a fresh new perspective.
to take resolutions seriously this year...

just all of it.

i love you.

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