Friday, January 20, 2012

less is more

this is my current mission:

giving away old items
getting rid of papers and files,
reducing the contents of my closet to the better quality pieces,
being able to say "no" to obligations that will clutter my to-do list,
organizing files on my computer,
clearing out my apps and emails,
simplifying my interactions with others,
ignoring all information that is not vital or important,
buying only necessities and simple pleasures,
going on a media diet,
disconnecting daily.

a life of minimalism
of balance
with more space to move and to breathe...
this is the most attractive thing in the world right now.

the thought of having one water bottle, a few pairs of shoes, one box of files, more alone time,
just more TIME...

hello, new lifestyle.


  1. I'm doing the same thing right now. It's very freeing.

  2. This sounds incredibly freeing, peaceful and refreshing.

  3. hello new life style and beautiful new blog look. looks fab ayley!

  4. here, here. love the new blog layout. SO SIMPLE AND AWESOME.


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