Sunday, January 22, 2012

benefits of a cold

who likes being sick?
not me.
not you.
not nobody.

here are some good things that have come of being sick this weekend:

soft-spoken words,
lots of blankets,
special tea,
lots of movies + a favorite show on netflix,
my mama sweetly taking care of my traffic ticket for me {i know, right?!},
extra time spent at home with my bffs and my pup,
homework done weeks before the due date,
dibs on the space heater,
a new high score,
+ super sweet texts from adam {who regretfully has not been able to see me all weekend!}.

when you are sick
seems hazy and slow,
but it's also much softer than typical life.
the world gets sweeter, blankets softer, and time is spent doing simple yet worthwhile activities.

i feel physically awful
{and i mean awful}
and spiritually wonderful.

in other news,
while i was sleeping
my sisters painted a white stripe on my dog
and have been calling him "skunky brewster".


  1. you have an amazing attitude about everything. and your sisters are hilarious.

  2. before i clicked on that high score link i was hoping it was temple run. hollllaaa for a new high score. that game is bomb. sorry you're sick ayley. you amaze me always with your constant positivity.

  3. Seriously, you have such a peaceful attitude about being sick and feeling crummy, it's so admirable. I hope you're feeling better by now ♥


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