Saturday, December 10, 2011

making it *look* a lot like christmas

it's almost as though we need the visuals
of red & green
of sparkles & stars
of that pretty green tree and the shiny gold ornaments
in order to feel all christmasy and warm.

a few holiday musts:

#1 - making cookies.

look closely.
this is a holiday massacre. 
we had to do something with all the broken cookies. 
we decided these poor souls were at their company christmas party.
they thought the christmas tree was counting down to the big day. 
turns out it was a BOMB.
poor, innocent cookie people. 
we're morbid cookie decorators. 

#2 - adorn everything...
 with lights...
 with garlands...
...with glitter!
you can't see very well in this photo, 
but my dad created large icicle lights using saran wrap & bundles of white lights. 
they. are. magical.
 quite the inventive guy, doncha think?

#3 - homemade gifts.
this year i'm giving adam a series of gifts a la the three spirits of a christmas carol... three things that represent his past, present & future. i got too excited about it so i'm already finished... and every day i get so close to giving in & handing it over early! 

#4. christmas movie marathons.
{img via}
there is something about christmas movies that makes me absolutely giddy & excited. 
they're ten xs funnier, heartwarming, & magical
than movies watched any other month of the year!

#5 - playing with pretty lights.

oh, christmas!
how i love you!


  1. love the cookie massacre ;)

  2. haha the massacre. i love you.
    and lights. and all those movies.
    i want to see them ALL.


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