Sunday, December 11, 2011

date #5

it's a bit of a tradition
that every year, the johnsons participate in sub for santa/angel trees/etc
and i was sooo excited to do this with my love!

at the top of my list
EVERY year
is money for the angel trees around town.

not only do i get extremely emotional thinking about these kiddos on christmas morning
{i wish i could be there with them when they open their presents!},
but it's also super fun to go shopping for them!

going with adam was such a wonderful thing.
i felt so empowered...
like we were a team,
arm in arm, standing together,
a force for good against the world.
it's a wonderful feeling.

it is also really interesting to see the things that we each prized as children
{and our differing ideas about what a seven year old boy may like!}.

i can't remember the exact number,
but a large percentage of prisoners are also parents.
more & more families are needing to ask for help from food banks & food stores.

here i am,
sitting on a super comfortable couch,
music playing in the background,
a fire roaring in the fireplace,
typing away on my twelve hundred dollar laptop...

i'm so so so sososoosooo blessed.

i feel so poor.
i can't afford to go clothes shopping more than twice per year.
i struggle to make my car payments sometimes.
i have to conserve and recycle and save all my resources.

but what little i can give,
i will gladly do it.

adam is the most philanthropic dude you will meet.
always giving.

i'm so lucky and blessed to have a man who loves giving more than i do.

we decided,
that after performing these acts of service...
after grabbing hands and setting out to make a difference...
we have never felt closer.

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