Monday, December 12, 2011

giveaway! {closed}

what's good??

this week we're having a superkool shay.jaylove giveaway!
{we? i meant just me. there's no one else.}

winner will receive three wool felt bows {pictured above} in strawberry red, cream, & muted green.
pretty retro christmas colors!
bows are approx 4in x 2in {may vary!}.

here's the catch:

it's way too easy these days to simply leave a comment & hope for the best...

so TO ENTER...
1 - you must be a follower of this here blog
2 - i'm asking that you perform one act of kindness
3 - comment below telling me about it!

let's contribute to the charity of the world
and you just might get some cute bows out of it. :)

you may also receive additional entries by tweeting & tagging!

giveaway will close thursday & winner will be announced friday!

good luck!

well, it's friday!

aaaaaand the winner issssss.....

sweet, right?
{& not because of your extra entry. :) }

email me & we can set this up!!


  1. YEAH RIP. Totes following. Always will.

  2. you know i want to win these. and i don't care that i've already been lucky enough to win something. yep i'm the selfish girl who is entering again anyways. and then i kept reading on and saw that i obviously needed an attitude adjustment. i decided my act of kindness is to let someone else get the chance of winning. so even though i am leaving this comment pretend like i'm not.

    i'm following. duh.

  4. are extra entries allowed? i'm trying to make the odds in my favor. muuaahahahah.

    my act of kindness was to make my roommates bed.

  5. I feel like my act of kindness was a little lame compared to what I could've done but I tutored my friends to help them study for finals.

  6. okay, so i was looking for something nice to do all day so i would be eligible for the give away and tonight while kelli and i were at the walmart this weirdo guys was about to step on his headphones and to be honest, i don't really like talking to weirdo guys, but i wanted to do my good turn. so i was like, hey bro, you are going to step on your headphones, then he was like, whoa. thanks. and that's why i think i should win the give away.


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