Tuesday, December 13, 2011

date #6

christmas dating is so much fun!

on this sixth date of christmas,
we indulged in a little diner food
and looked through old photos of past christmases together!

since adam moved here solo
from maryland,
he doesn't have a whole lot of tangible things that hold memories.
he does have a couple cute {blurry} pictures that his mama posted online for him.

since i've lived in utah forever...
i, on the other hand,
have hundreds of pictures at my disposal.
we have a few boxes downstairs just full of old pictures.
needless to say, we had to limit ourselves when it came to my side.

enjoy baby adley!

 - he said // she said -
[ past christmas version ]

favorite childhood christmas present?

jordan & i got a walkie-talkie set {pictured above}. i got a super cool robe & bear paw slippers. i felt like da man.
my brother & i got matching school desks! i also got a li'l fashion designer kit that i used to the bone. 

favorite christmas carol?

jackson 5 - i saw mommy kissing santa claus. i wanted to sing like michael & one year {finally} i thought i sang just like him. i was quite happy with myself.
when i was younger it was 'up on the housetop'. i always made up different actions each time i sang it. i guess that's the dancer in me.

favorite christmas tradition growing up?

surprise! it's food. my grandma's crab soup is ridiculous! she would only make it at christmas time. it doesn't feel like christmas without it!
so many! we go to my grandmother's house & have a talent show, gift exchange, new pajamas, nativity, santa claus, & lots of singing!

favorite sign that christmas was near?

when we would get our tree, my dear late sister, noelle, {whom i miss dearly} would get so excited. she would stare at it for hours. her joy was so contagious. 
my mom did an excellent job of bringing the christmas spirit into our house with cookies, scents, decorations... but the moment we got our tree did me in. always.

favorite christmas memory?

uh.... see above? haha. but just being together as a whole family. i miss it. my sister, having the name noelle, thought christmas was just for her. she was in heaven. my brother & i would always make our lists together... we'd bake cookies with mom and sing carols and watch movies. life changes in the blink of an eye. memories of past christmases are some of the warmest and most loving memories i have of my family together. where would i be without Christ? He gives me the hope/knowledge that my family will be together again & forever. 
truly the most wonderful time of the year.
it's rather simple... i remember sitting in my old house, opening presents with my family. i had a moment where i just sat back and watched the excited, joyful looks on my parent's faces as my younger sisters opened their gifts. it was that moment in my childhood where i understood what Christ must be feeling, giving these gifts and seeing how happy it makes us. it made me want to hug Him & i began to cry. my parents thought i was just unhappy with something i had opened, and i couldn't find the words to explain what was really going on. oops! family take this as me clearing it up now.


  1. ahhh this is sooo cute! adam is amazing.

  2. my captcha was "pindis" !!!!! so i'm pinning it!

  3. okay that he said she said thing is ADORABLE ayley! definitely doing one someday!


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