Tuesday, September 6, 2011

pretty girls

i asked a few girls from dance company,
adyson edwards
& alex posselli
to help out with some modelbizz.

they are so lovely.

here is something pretty for you to look at.

since they're dancers we tried some pretty shapes.

alex is already signed with pulse models. and she gets approached all the time from other agencies. she told me when she was at the katy perry concert, someone approached her and said "hey, have you ever considered modelling? we're from pulse models and we'd love to have ya." so even her own agency is trying to re-recruit her.
adyson is a beautiful multiracial young girlie. her mom is white/italian and her dad is african american. she has naturally red hair and the cutest freckles i ever did see. this girl has the cutest shoes in her shoe collection. she's a shoe freak. if i actually wore shoes regularly, i would go to her for shoe advice. she's also one of the sweetest girls i've ever met with a gorgeous smile.

they're so great.
and now i want to be a photographer.


  1. ah that last one is breathtaking.

  2. i want to buy that purple romper. txt my hubby so we can set up the exchange and then we could make it into a play date!


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