Wednesday, September 14, 2011

one of those days

it's one of those days.

the kind where you get upset really easily,
where you find yourself walking home from the grocery store
by choice
7.3 miles
in dollar store sandals.

sometimes it's one of those days
where you get unlucky on your walk
and your shoe breaks,
where you run into 4 different signs telling you the sidewalk is closed
and you must find your way through the detour in unfamiliar neighborhoods.

it can sometimes be one of those days
where you don't want to talk to anyone
and you arrive home
only to take your car out again
and ride to the deserted side of a parking lot
and hope no one can hear you scream from the driver's seat.

sometimes you can read all the quotes in the world,
think of all the good advice you've ever received,
and still want to throw your hands up
because you simply do not care,
because it's just one of those days.

if you're lucky,
on one of these days,
you will have someone waiting for you.

someone who biked uphill
7.3 miles
in black clothing
on a hot day
with an old coke bottle holding sunflowers
and open arms.

if you're lucky,
you will come home wanting to cry,
wanting to take scissors to the stupid shoes you wore
and throw the purple rubber pieces at anyone who crosses you,

but you will see someone has run a bath for you
and has the laptop netflix ready,
has written you a letter,
has your favorite bottled stress relief on your bed,
and you will take a deep breath for the first time in several hours.

on one of those days,
you will sit your achey body down on your bed
and suddenly things don't seem so bad anymore.

suddenly your walk doesn't seem as treacherous,
and you remember seeing children playing games you remember all too well.
you remember seeing a pack of dogs on a little farm who were ready to greet you.
you remember finding a little neighborhood full of cute little houses,
smelling backyard barbeques,
watching families on nightly bike rides.

you remember the way the trees smelled along the path.
you remember walking through sprinklers.
you remember the way the sun set.

but you can't seem to remember why you were so upset.

sometimes it's one of those days,
where it can start one awful, terrible way
and end in a completely different, wonderful fashion.

i had one of those days,
and i am very lucky.


  1. i love when that happens. when storm clouds turn to sunshine and frowns flip to smiles.
    your ability to see the good in things is inspiring.
    the goodness in you and the people you surround yourself with makes me want to be better and more thoughtful.

  2. i love this so much. you are such a soulful individual with so much passion. i admire you so much.


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