Sunday, July 17, 2011


i just added a bunch of bows to mah shop. 
i mentioned this on FB, so i will quote myself:

"anyone interested in "advertising" for me, that would be great. the word advertising here means 

because i have nearly 80 things up and ONE sale.
cool, eh?
not at all.
i just got my business cards in the mail and they are stellar:
i may have hurriedly scratched my chipped nail polish off to take this picture...
something's gotta change...

i'm going to work harder to bring better shiz, 
and advertise the crap out of stuff. 

i went to draper days to scope out the competition at the booths,
i gotta say...
not my style.

i don't like the frou-frou, feathers, tulle, jam-packed with colors and patterns 
side of handmade hair adornments. 

i really think less is more,
so if you are thinking my wares are 
no frills,

you're right. 

i would only put stuff up that i would wear,
and sometimes,
less is more.

i've got a lot of work ahead of me,
but help a brotha out, wouldja??

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  1. ayley dear. you better believe i'd love to rock some of those bows in my hair. i will gladly promote you & your shop.


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