Wednesday, April 6, 2011

i ♥ dc

i miss dc so so so much lately.
it feels like it has been a very long time since i have been.
after having lived there for months during my internship it's hard not to visit frequently. 

the last time we were together was in the summertime.
i usually go every few months.
i love it so.

here are some of the things i miss the most.
riding the train everywhere

sitting on these seats next to unusual people
cherry blossoms in the springtime

e street cinema... just e street in general!

good food at every corner

pitango. need i say more?
walking this street way past the world's bedtime


beautiful buildings of u street
i miss it so much. 
i love dc. 
i want to go back so badly.
like... nnnnnow. 

it seems like every stop on this map brings back good memories.

just walking around the area makes me so happy.
i love it so much.

i was in for a surprise, then...
when adam heard of my longing to go to dc
he ordered some cupcakes from one of my favorite places in dc
to. be. delivered. to me.
as in from dc to utah.


so i've been eating these babies
and feeling something similar to homesickness.

dc, i miss you.


  1. I know I never lived there so I can't miss it as badly as you, but I too love DC and want to go! Such great memories from trips there!

  2. I miss DC so much too!!! And those cupcakes are so hecka cute and look way too yummy!

  3. HOW FUN you got Dc cupcakes! That show is awesome! I hope you can make it to my blog party!! Would love to meet you!

    Livy Love

  4. mmm what is pitango?! they never had that when i lived in utah...



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