Friday, May 28, 2010

wrap yourself around me, cause i ain't the way you found me...

do not proceed without listening to this song.
yann tiersen is a gift from God.
a gift.
to me.
to you.
to the world.
i am crying as we speak because his fingers, his brain, his soul...
they have created beautiful, beautiful things.
please join me in an open prayer:

Dear Heavenly Father,
We are so very thankful for the gift that Yann Tiersen is to the world. His music has blessed our lives, my life. He has done excellently at sharing and developing his talents and he truly is a gift. Thank you so much for Yann Tiersen.
How great Thou art.
We say these things in the name of Jesus Christ,

i pray often and thank the Lord for music but i pray the most for the beauty of Yann Tiersen. i don't know what his music does to my soul... but it connects it to everything somehow and i just feel... held.

here is the song.
play it in the background
in a new window

the most beautiful thing about music is it offers you the chance to be still.
to be still and reflect.
you can just sit
closing your eyes
breathing deeply
and looking inside of you.

my favorite things.

my favorite songs make me feel like the wind is blowing while i'm indoors.
my favorite songs make me want to move and sit still at the same time.
make me want my eyes open and closed at the same time.

i wonder why music makes me feel sad or happy or angry
or why it reminds me of things
like childhood summers
or vacations to faraway places.
why it makes me feel.

it doesn't.
those things are inside me already.

i connect with music with my soul.
i open myself,
cut myself down the middle,
and let music come at me like a thousand knives.
it is painfully beautiful.
music pierces me like needles and fills me
as i take a deep breath of something that i hadn't breathed for a long time.
music swarms my body,
runs through my veins,
wraps itself around me,
holds me,
whispers to me things that i had forgotten
but things that i knew were still there.

music slithers through my bones
around my ribcage
through my muscles
and finds things i had lost
and carries them back to me.

it gently lays them to rest as it continues to sing to me
and tell me of the other treasures it has recovered from other souls,
souls that are not mine.
it twists around me as i breathe it in and begin to cry.
music then flattens itself like a blanket and wraps itself around me and comforts me.

i continue to breathe
and music breathes with me.
and sings.
my breathing turns into humming.
and music moves into my mouth with me
as i begin to sing
and we become one voice.

music fills my lungs,
fills my heart,
and surrounds me.

i feel it nearing an end
and i know it will leave me
but music whispers to me,
and we breathe together,
and music returns my memories to their proper places
and we share one last breath.
as i breathe music out
my soul is alone again.

music always leaves traces of itself on my soul.
i can remember when it has visited.
i can remember what it brought when it last came.
i can remember what i felt when it twisted itself around my soul.

so i say a silent prayer thanking music
and i ask music to visit me once more.

.....and i'll never be the same.


  1. you are out of this world. i don't think I have seen someone so fully live in this world without being of it. thank you

  2. Shhesh thanks for making me cry. This music is beautiful. This is just the uplifting message I needed today. Thank you.


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