Monday, September 28, 2009

enjoy the breath you're taking {that exhale is propelling you to the future}

you're always on the verge. of something. of anything.

i love 'when harry met sally' .
i love that danged speech.
you know, the one that ends with "when you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible".

that's always how i feel when i'm in love.
i just want to get things going.
not just with big things....     little stuff too.

when i take a really awesome holga picture i can't wait to take more.

when i hear a good song i want to hold its hand and walk forward with the new knowledge it offered.

when i read a book i get so stoked about all the other good books i'm going to read in my life.

when my cats do something cute i want the rest of my cat-lovin life to start. i'm going to meet so many more cute animals.

when i love my fresh, clean bathroom i just can't wait to start the rest of my life of clean bathrooms... all smelling of bleach and alcohol flavored sterility.

you're always starting the rest of your life.
how effing epic is that?
what if we woke up every day and said "THIS, today.. THIS is the first day of the rest of my life" and walked out the door a determined person.
instead it's "i'm going to work" or "i'm off to school". here we go again.
children of the seventies heard this all the time...
but it's so true.

we don't take enough time to enjoy a clean bathroom. that bathroom is the start of the rest of your life.
we don't take enough time to look at all of the trees we pass on a regular basis. those trees are steady place markers on your journey.
we don't take enough time to read a book and head off to the horizon a new person, ready to start on whatever lies ahead.

you should always be gearing up for the starting line.
we get so caught up in the race that we don't take deep enough breaths.

put your shoes on like they're going to take you somewhere.
do your hair like it's going to get tossed around by the wind.
take steps like you're never looking back.
open your blinds like you're looking at a new place.
stretch your arms out like you're trying to get to the next universe.

gather your things up into your arms and run barefoot into the woods with everyone you love
and run headfirst into your life.

live loud.
live hard.
live life.

{photo via papertissue}

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