Sunday, May 3, 2009

lovE list (may.the.third, two.thousand.and.nine)

i love so many things. 
it's hard to keep track.
so i occasionally take time to list the things that make life lovely.

here are some things oh-so worthy of love.

{{   i love . . .   }}

...fields of flowers that exist in reality and not just in imagination

...balloons that haven't popped yet

...things of the past that anticipated design in the future but in hindsight look silly

...the cuteness of cupcake shops in colors that make you want to fall in love dresses that also make you want to fall in love

...a room that you would never want to leave

...houses that make you want to grow up and remain a child at the same time
...beds that seduce you

...dresses that make you feel like an old relic from your grandmother's closet and a new blossom at the same time

...bicycles that make you want to ride past the house of the brady bunch

...staring at this all day long and *daydreaming* 

{{lovely, isn't it?}}

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