Saturday, April 25, 2009

today i discovered i am on the Earth

i took a few steps outside.                      (barefoot, of course)
and then i took a few more.
and i planted my feet into some soil. and tried to make every part of my soles touch the Earth.
and opened my arms really wide. and closed my eyes.
and imagined the world.

i am small.
i am just one living thing.

i pictured my humble little body in the big universe.
i thought about everything that surrounded me. everything in the world was surrounding me at that moment.
and i felt so calm.
 at that moment there were lions running in africa. there were massive waterfalls and rainstorms and huge waves in the ocean. there were people in Russia saying hello to each other and people falling in love under the Eiffel Tower. there were fish swimming in the deep currents of the blue sea and birds flying over Australia.

and there was a girl standing with her arms wide open in utah.
just trying to be a part of it all.
trying to join in with all the epic happenings of the Earth.

and i was.

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  1. oh my crap. oh my holy freaking crap. i am permantently CHANGED. this post, has CHANGED my life.

    i'm amazed. i'm sorry for my fumbling words and lack of speech. all i can say is you. seriously. rock. i should stop now because no words will do. i can't communicate to you how amazingly amazing i think that you are. hahah i freaking love your name of your blog all the white whore says. hahaa super creative. i like it. wow! i am realllly glad you blog. just one request deary. please blog more often. i am now officially following you here on blogger. :) ! i hope you have a wonderful day ms.


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