Thursday, January 30, 2014

san francisco DOS.

the more rain/snow/sleet that falls here in utah
and the more routine life gets with finishing my undergrad, lame neurophysiology exams, and work,
the more i find myself wishing that i was back in san francisco.
it bewitched me.
there is so much to explore and i simply must explore it.

people kept telling us to not eat at la boulange,
that there were better bakeries around,
but we did it anyways
and it was goooood.

even the entries to the many homes were lovely. i can't imagine what they looked like inside!
(wait... i can now... because i spent over an hour browsing craigslist for rentals that night. just some... "research".)

we stayed in the marina district,
which was walking/biking distance to many beautiful things
including the exploratorium.
we spent nearly 4 hours there and didn't even see the whole thing.
it's a gem, that one.

being fresh off sensation and perception courses,
the light + perception exhibit was by far my favorite.

plus, the exploratorium had me feeling all sorts of inspired.
a couple of examples below...

we grabbed some juice from pressed juicery and wandered around the streets as the sun went down.
i think that's one of the best parts about being in a new place...
getting down on its level and seeing what it's like when it's not trying to be anything but itself.
you know?
just seeing the way it breathes when no one is looking
so you can really get a feel for what she's all about.

let's end on something of a non sequitur:
umami burger because it's amazing and i would drive back just for that darned burger.
it's just worth mentioning, okay?
that thing was unreal.
we kicked ourselves for getting one to share instead of ordering our own.

my favorite part of san francisco coming soon to end these north cali posts.
i am all too excited to share those ones.



  1. How I want to go to San Fran. The last time I was there, I was a baby and now can't remember a thing. It looks so beautiful. Those coloured doors are amazing!


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