Thursday, January 9, 2014

now, i don't hardly know her.

my sister & i took a spontaneous trip to san francisco this last weekend
and it's taken me some time to somewhat compose my thoughts about the city.

i haven't ever been anywhere like it in my entire life
and i don't think with even a hundred visits to the city that i could ever really understand her.
see, i felt like i would feel immediately at home when i traveled there
and when i didn't, well, that threw me for a loop.
don't get me wrong, i loved every second of it.
it just wasn't what i expected
in a very lovely way, mind you.

when you don't really understand yourself at a point in time
and you visit a city that you can't understand
it makes a girl spin 'round in some sort of speculative loop.
but that's for another day...

san francisco is extremely beautiful and unquestionably vibrant and alive.
i sort of feel like it's now a personal life quest to attempt to understand the city before i die.
there is so much to see and do,
so many streets to walk and people to look at
and so many different flavors to take in.
it's impossible to describe the bay area with only words. it's something you have to taste yourself to understand.

i have dozens of photographs to share and i'm excited to relive the experience through them.
san francisco is captivating.

ending note: spontaneous trips are something to behold, so if there is even a slight window of opportunity to take one, do it. seriously.



  1. ahhh thats my city. we just moved to the bay last summer and i love it. it is a very interesting place. its hard to explain, and its not for everyone. its unlike any other city i've been to, and definitely the most expensive place i've ever lived and ever will live haha. but it truly is so beautiful. and i'm basically in love with the golden gate bridge.

    1. this makes me laugh because my sister and i heard people sharing rent/cost of living stories just about everywhere we went!

  2. I love SF. I haven't been since I was younger - I would love to see the city now as an adult. It is so beautiful!

  3. Spontaneous trips are the very best. And I love that you put into words this experience of not understanding a city. My parents recently moved to Philadelphia and I expected to fly in and instantly bond with the place. And well, it didn't happen. I've been mulling it over in my head and I think I'm such a sentimental kind of person that I need to have memories attached to a place before I can love it. This is probably different than your quest to understand, but just something that has been floating in the back of my head lately. I've never been to San Francisco, so cheers to both of us getting to explore the city more in the future!

    1. i think it's comparable. i, too, am a sentimental person and i'm finding that i loved SF the more i think about it. and philadelphia is on the list of places i'd love to visit!


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