Monday, November 18, 2013

short stories.

i can't look through dance costume catalogues for my students without wanting to buy any and every tutu i see in the pages. especially all the baby blue ones. a plan of mine is to convince adam how sorely i need a tutu to lounge around the house in. purely for the joy of it, of course. the outlook on getting my hands on one is promising.

we have lived in this apartment for a few months now, and i can't seem to get the hang of this trio of light switches on the wall. one is for the light on the patio. one, i think, turns on the kitchen light. and apparently when you're tired, one is to turn the volume up on the stereo (this happened). i don't know what the third one does, really. the place didn't come with a manual.

i would not want to be a piece of halloween candy in our house. it would be a short life to live. i wish i could say that it was a shared effort to stomach all o' that sugar, but adam's sweet tooth must have fallen out in first grade.

sometimes the only thing i want to do is watch all of tony besides videos on vine before i shut my eyes at night. something about the poetic, minimalist representation of a life soothes whatever ails me. it's public living at its most appealing.

adam is always kind enough to help me out with my photo assignments, even though i've basically taken the same photo class for the last two years and had repeat tasks. the photo above is not only an example of how not to use your flash multiple times during a long exposure, it's also a great example of what someone who celebrates "no shave november" year round looks like. double whammy.


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  1. Very cool photo. I'm interested to see what other photo projects you're doing for your class!


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