Monday, November 4, 2013

portland: the land of old things + green trees.

wandering aimlessly around pdx was a spectacular experience.
we had a few choice destinations, naturally,
but there is delightful merit in strolling without a defined course.

there seemed to be no end to the list of things to do in portland.

the city had some of the coolest thrift stores i have ever set foot in,
including three penny mercantile, where i scored a scarf, adam scored some ties, and kelli got her hands on those amazing shades, briefly seen here
after some browsing, we got hungry and spotted pbjs, a food cart i had once seen on the food network and read extensively about, so i was a little bit starstruck (ok, maybe more than a little).
their food is just inspired.
everything on their menu is some version of a nut butter + a fruit jam/marmalade with little kicks to set 'em off. seriously, look at the menu.
who knew?
it makes me grateful i don't have a nut allergy just so i could eat at this place.
it's that good.

[if kelli's face isn't any indication to the quality of this food, i don't know what is!]

one evening we walked around the rose test garden.
everything was so lush & green!
we were sure it wouldn't have blooming roses in october, but were pleasantly surprised to see bright, blooming ones all around.
city of roses, stand tall.
i'm sure it's absolutely lovely in the spring and summer
but that just might be me making excuses to go back.



  1. Gorgeous photos! PDX is on my list of places I'd really like to go!

    1. put it at the tippy-top! it's so lovely.

  2. i love these photos! i've never been to portland and i already love it.
    its actually on the list of places to live next. and now i want to go there like right now.

  3. Beautiful colours! I love orange and yellow pop up everywhere.

  4. yay for thrift shops! Portland is always a good time. always.

  5. New lens?! Your photos are great!

    1. thanks, anna. i am loving your blog in france. it's envy-inducing.

  6. Beautiful photos!


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