Thursday, November 28, 2013

happy thanksgiving!

[photo of my adam & i because, well, i'm just so darn grateful for the ways this love has changed me.]

it may seem rather silly,
but i feel so blessed to be witnessing all of the amazing gratitude-isms and the lively spirit everyone seems to have via instagram, facebook, blogs, twitter, etc.
i feel grateful for every pie baking picture, every re-post of your wedding days, and every little word uttered about the blessings we all have,
though i have kept pretty quiet about my own on social media.

i'm undeniably lucky to have the life i have
and i hope that no second ever passes by in my world where anyone has any doubt that i believe that.
this life of mine is vibrant and varied as ever.
i'm so thankful for the strengths and thankful for the struggles.
all of it.
every last minute of it.

i cannot wait to continue being a witness to so much love, family, food, and gratitude today!
it warms my heart to no end.

have a great holiday
and post as many pictures + words as you want, unapologetically.
i don't mind ooone bit!


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