Thursday, February 14, 2013


dear adam,

thank you for working around my work schedule
since i couldn't hang out on valentine's day.

thank you for taking me downtown to the leonardo
because i have been saying i want to go there for the longest time
and you remembered.
thank you for taking me to that place for lunch
that i have been wanting to go to
but i mentioned it once
and you remembered.

thank you for tricking me into driving to your work after hours
and leading me by the hand through the back door
and bringing me into the kitchen,
giving me flowers
and hugging me so tightly.

thank you for sneaking us in to that kitchen
and teaching me how to make neapolitan pizza
and teaching me how to flip the dough high into the air
and catch it on my knuckles.
thank you for looking up the recipe of that 2amy's pizza i fell in love with
and recreating it for me.
thanks for sprinkling flour all over me
and dancing with me when i got frustrated at my dough-flinging technique.
that pizza will be in my dreams for weeks.
yours is better.

thank you for the setting up a whole room there
and lining up the chairs into a heart around the perimeter
and setting up a projector so we could watch a romantic movie
and getting pink balloons to place all over.

thank you for holding me when i got sick that night
and combing my hair with your fingers
and whispering in my ear.

aaaaaand... thank you for being overly excited about the fact that i only made you a cake and got you some stickygrams.
ugh. let's not talk about it...

as i'm typing all of this
it doesn't even sound real.
it sounds like something out of a movie or a fairytale.
i guess sometimes my life is a fairytale.

you asked me not to share this stuff
because you were embarrassed
but i convinced you otherwise
because this was the most fun i have had in a long time
and you went to such great lengths to plan the whole thing
and you are such a sweet human being.

i don't know what i did to deserve this person
but i want to keep doing it
because i am so lucky to have you
and your love
and your "go big or go home" attitude about these things.

my mind is boggled.

whether you have a romantic relationship
or a familial one
or just best friends
or neighbors
or anyone!
make sure you let them know how much they truly mean to you today!

happy valentine's day.



  1. let's be honest here for a minute. this blog circle of friends we have formed (you, kelli, brissa, sara, carla, katrina)... i look up to every single one of you and your love lives. i am so grateful that i am surrounded by people who love the way you guys all do.

  2. tooooooo perfect. you two. AHH! you just outdo yourselves again and again. your cuteness. and i don't really use that word.

  3. so cute. you snagged a keeper for sure.


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