Thursday, October 25, 2012

watch the sunrise in a different time zone... check.

we made it!

we get to spend a partial day here in this beautiful city
before heading to dc to be with adam's family this evening. 

the air is just different here, no?

i'm getting ready to eat plenty of bagels
and wander around like i know where we are going!

if you want tons of pictures of the nyc skyline,
you will surely find them on my instagram (@ayleyyasuko).

i am just thrilled to be here
and with adam, no less. 

life is good!


(photo cred: my dear friend kelli)


  1. I'm so jealous! NYC is one of my dream cities... :) Love your blog! Wanna be blog friends? :)

    xoxo Cherry

  2. that picture makes me swoon. i need to live in new york someday.

  3. yaaaaaaay!!!!!! sorry for my one word comments i just have to make sure you know that i just eat up every one of your posts.


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