Sunday, August 26, 2012

change of scenery.

it just so happened
that i drove past three hot air balloons this week
on my way to school.

on my way to work
i found myself counting the airplanes above in the sky.

i don't use an alarm clock
and hardly ever sleep in
but i did oversleep twice this week,
both times having dreams about flying.

last night at a party,
i couldn't keep my eyes off the balloons.

i'm itching to get away...
for the thrill of leaving,
to see things worth seeing,
to radically reshape my world.

when every moment of our lives is lived for the future,
i want to get away just to have A Now.

now someone find me a balloon.



  1. purposely posted at 11:11. guess why.

  2. this was such a simple and lovely post

  3. this is brilliant.

    I am only here because you said to Brissa, "you definitely called them plants.." she totally did, right?


    but I might just stay, because you write so beautifully.

  4. amazing. i need you to put your fingertips to the keys and make more prettiness.


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