Sunday, June 24, 2012

short stories.

last week i remembered...
...that i had an etsy shop! okay... it's not like i really forgot, but it sure has been a while since i've budgeted any attention or energy for it. now i'm really looking forward to working on it over this next week!

every morning when i wake up...
...bruno wakes up with me and adorably wiggles his way closer to me on the bed so i can pet him and rub his little bruno belly. it's pretty cute.

this weekend i visited the post office...
...and the line was devastatingly long! i had only a couple small packages to send and it took me twenty minutes just to wait in the line. when i got to the front, the postal worker was so unbelievably pleasant. i mean, if she can be wonderful in a rush like that, what's my excuse?

while riding in the car on thursday...
...i realized how much i rely on technology to function in my job, school, and personal relationships. i'm coming up with a plan on how to change that...

there is a spot in my mom's room...
...where both the fans on the ceiling hit you in the most perfect way. that combined with the beautiful east facing windows that let sunlight breathe in so beautifully... i think it's my favorite spot in the house.

what is life if but tiny moments strung together.   



  1. "what is life if but tiny moments strung together."
    oh hey most beautiful quote by ayley herself.

  2. i'm so glad i read this post, especially that last sentence.


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