Sunday, June 17, 2012

happy father's day!

it doesn't really seem like father's day since my papa is in europe at the moment
but, let me share a few facts about the man that raised me.

-he is a kick-A attorney
-he is really into fly-fishing & outdoorsytypestuff
-he loves music (and playing it really loudly)
-he gets a lot of his clothes at the thrift store (like a grown up hipster)
-he photographs with a rad 35mm SLR and doesn't realize how cool it is...
-he takes his lunch break every monday to go make lunch for the youth homeless shelter
-he mentors an iraqi family who escaped the war in the middle east
-he has been published in several different magazines
-he has a sophisticated sense of humor and when he laughs at something you KNOW it's funny
-he has planned elaborate & adventurous family vacations for us every single summer
-he knows just about everything. seriously.
-he is so wise... if you ever have a problem with anything he knows exactly what to say. and i know everyone could say that about their father, but really. i'm not exaggerating to be kind. he's such a perceptive and insightful individual.

i have to credit a lot of my talents and wisdom to my dad. without him, i wouldn't be half the person i am today!

i love you, dad!



  1. so cute of you to make this post :)

  2. what a rad dude! it doesn't surprise me that you come from such good stalk.


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