Tuesday, May 15, 2012

why, hello!

it feels good to be typing on this sunny day.
i'm feeling fantastically good.
things are good.

with a healthy dose of take-care-of-myself syrup,
life is beautiful.
it just feels amazing making some complete lifestyle changes.
i love being happy.

for now,
just enjoy this awesome shot of a page from whole living magazine.
10 thoughts on whole living. (doesn't that just make your heart sing? whole living.)
it's basically wonderful.

p.s. were there enough attributive adjectives for you up there or did you need more? ;)


  1. so glad to see a new post ayley! i always miss you when you disappear from this little corner of blogland.

  2. ooooh i am seriously touched. this is incredible. i love them all.

  3. that list, that picture. they're perfect.


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