Monday, March 12, 2012

land that i love

i miss dc.
so. much. 

i was browsing and deleting old facebook photos just now
and i revisited the beautiful, memory-soaked photographs
of my 2.5 week stay with adam in the summer of 2010,
which was the last time i was there!

i saw a particular photo and immediately thought,
"aww it's the street i grew up on"
which is completely untrue.
i lived in utah until i was 18, and only in dc for a short time,
but that simple, uncensored thought i had made me realize just how integral dc is to who i am.
to be corny,
if i'm a butterfly now,
dc was my cocoon.

i mean... i met the love of my life there, for crying out loud!

so many memories,
so many important moments are in these shots.
lots of them personal,
but i'd like to share a few.

it's gonna be two years since i've been there
and it makes me cry!
i'm so homesick.
we need to be reunited soon.
so very soon!

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