Thursday, March 15, 2012

competition 2012

to say that i'm nervous would be an understatement,
and i'm not even dancing!
i mean...
what am i doing on the computer when i have skirts to alter, costumes that need final rhinestones, and i need to find more feathers??
i'm not the biggest fan of competition...
but it is worth it as soon as those girls hit the floor and do what they love.
i love watching my work on the stage... even knowing it's going to be critiqued and scored.
it's just a nice feeling, anyway.

tomorrow is also going to be a crazy day for me in that
it's sister hannah's last first competition!
i think i might cry harder than she will.
i've had the pleasure of teaching her for five of the eight total years i've been teaching dance
and we're partners in crime.
i can't imagine not teaching my sisters anymore!
but enough on that...

i have some really special and personal pieces that i'm excited to debut this weekend.
i think that thought alone is giving me the crazies that would put ophelia to shame.
i love dance.
i love creating.
and now i have to go make sure all of the hair flowers for my junior trio are finished!


  1. aaaaahhhhh. good luck!! go team GOOOOO.

  2. I want to see what you're creating! That is so cool you get to teach your sisters!

  3. i'm with miki. i want videos of these bound to be amazing dances you choreographed.


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