Friday, February 3, 2012

five things i love today: food edition

adam mentioned to me that it's funny how much i love food now.
when he met me, i didn't eat. quite literally.

these days, eating just makes me so happy. what an amazing thing to be able to taste and enjoy food!
you might catch me doing little food dances while eating something i love.

it's just an amazing part of life.

let's put our hands together for this five man parade of edible things i am loving right now...

favorite snack:
cabbage and hummus. 
it. is. the. best. 
just take the cabbage in neat little strips and dip away. 
btw... it's best with this.

favorite source of protein: 

 anything quorn!
as a vegetarian who is also allergic to soy,
there are few foods i actually eat besides veggies, fruits, and pastas.
quorn is made of mycoprotein
and is the easiest thing to make.
the other night i stir-fried it with some broccoli, peppers, and cauliflower.
'twas amazing.

favorite date night binge food:

i love five guys' fries so much, i want to do testimonials for them.
actually, adam got the inside scoop on how they make them.
watch out, waistlines!
i have to plan the rest of the day's meals around the fact that i will be consuming these.
i don't care how unhealthy they are.
they're the best.

favorite frozen meals:

of any kind.
i never really follow a recipe,
i just find fruits, cucumbers, greens, oats,
dutch process cocoa, almond milk {my favorite!},
anything really...
and ice.
and usually it ends up great. usually.
there's something about blending and drinking cool food that is unbelievably satisfying.

favorite craving:

sweet tooth fairy's cake bites.
if i got fat because i ate too many of these...
i'd have no regrets.
they're that good.
i love them so much that after my terrible day today,
adam surprised me with a medley of these babies
and, in an instant, everything was once again right with the world.

what are some of your favorite foods?

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