Monday, January 30, 2012

we're gonna make a whole world like this

i sat with adam on my bed
and felt caged by the four walls of my room,
by the carpeting of my floors,
by the roof over my head.

i wanted to run.

i wanted to recklessly pound through the forest with the other creatures,
to find a home in a fallen tree,
to let the wind tangle my hair, the soil stain my soles and maculate my pale skin.

i closed my eyes and watched this animalistic me roll through golden fields
and pick berries,
and splash through a stream,
and climb the branches of very tall trees.

i watched this wild version of myself,
so very far away from the girl who now sat surrounded by her american comforts,
and i let my soul silently howl at the moon.

when i finally snapped back into my bedroom,
i asked adam how i would look if i were to be covered in fur, with sharp teeth and a nasty growl.
he said he'd love this wild me
just as much as the softer and more nourished one he knows well,
provided i were as tame.
i made no promises.
he said, then, he'd be wild with me

and we decided to be wild, reckless, and free for the rest of our days


  1. i literally had planned in my mind to say oh ayley i love this so much. this is amazing. i want to be wild and free.

  2. beautiful :) this makes me so happy. xo


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