Monday, January 2, 2012

sister cindi dietz

cindi is like the sunshine.

weeks leading up to her homecoming, i was extremely anxious.
the thought of avoiding the initial hello-at-the-airport even popped into my head.
i know, right?

and then she came down that airport escalator.

and the feeling went away in an instant.

feelings of emptiness, loneliness, feeling stupid and incomplete...
feelings from the whole last year
just went away like that.

i can't even explain what it felt like
to realize that cindi is an essential puzzle piece in my life...

that the tether between us completely transcends this realm.

it just makes me feel...


i'm so grateful to have sister dietz home.
so so grateful.
i need her.
more than anyone knows.

cannot get over this moment

taken by my mom with my new lens ;) 

i know i'm entirely selfish,
it just feels good to have you home, cindi.


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