Tuesday, December 6, 2011


in case you haven't already heard...

this story just amazes me.

so if you don't watch their show,
{i don't... my mom filled me in :) }
giuliana & bill have been on a long journey trying to have a baby
lots of different medical tests, procedures, etc.
with no luck.
they want to have a baby so badly,
but things haven't gone their way.

when trying to carry out their most recent attempt with in vitro,
her doctor recommended she get a mammogram,
as she had never had one.

that's when giuliana found out she had breast cancer.

her next medical procedure, rather than being directed toward starting a family,
would instead be surgery to save her life.

after undergoing a double lumpectomy,
and multiple subsequent surgeries,
they got the news that they hadn't removed all of her cancer.

i quote:
“If I’d chosen to just do another lumpectomy and then do radiation,
 and then do anti-estrogen therapy,
which means two to five years of medication,
that basically puts me into early menopause.
Then I would have to put off having a baby for several years.
So that was something we took into account.
But to be honest, at the end it came down to choosing to live and not looking over my shoulder for the rest of my life.”

so in order for them to continue in their journey to have a baby,
she is going to undergo
a double mastectomy

talk about love, dedication, and sacrifice for your family.

her desire to keep living 
and sacrifice vanity & her body for a greater cause,
her desire to have children,
to start her family
and continue on that journey,
is overwhelmingly inspiring.

i cannot even imagine.

i really hope they continue to live long & strong
and i hope
they get their dream baby.

amazing, inspiring little story.


  1. I had no idea she had cancer :( That's really sad.

    also, I love how you redesigned your blog (you did, right? Or am I just delusional?)!

  2. i used to watch/follow their story. i can't BELIEVE she had cancer. what the what?! but props to g. she's a fighter.

  3. oh, there story makes me so sad. i have watched their show before and they are both so loving, funny, and kind. i really hope everything works out for them!
    xo TJ


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