Friday, December 9, 2011

date #4

we're 1/3 of the way done with these dates!


this date involved sitting down on the floor
{which makes everything more fun},
tim tam slammin'
{which, well, makes everything more fun},
& making a GIVE list.

we heard a wonderful quote through my cousin, amanda...

"Service is the rent you must pay for the space you occupy here on planet Earth." -Dr. Walter Staples

a few things we would like to give this season
to Christ,
to each other,
to family,
& to strangers

-spare change {obvi}
-at least 3 random compliments per day
-smiles for everyone we meet
-loving words
-being the first to say "hello" or "merry christmas"
-reconnecting with at least 3 old friends before christmas
-a listening ear
-ten minutes a day devoted simply to hardcore kindness

among many other things.
it's liberating & empowering to really sit down and write out a list of things you have to offer the world.
it makes it so much more real,
and it's there
on paper
as a promise.
no more excuses.

i would definitely recommend it.

in the mix of all the lovey-dovey sweet talk,
we made our own version of jbieb's music video
which is going to remain private. sorry! way too ridiculous. 

just a little peek into the hapz of the vid

we've never seen anyone so angrily enthusiastic about santa coming to town,
with the shirt-pullin', leaning back, & whatnot.
oh, biebster.

more dates here!


  1. i don't know what my deal is but i have been obsessssed with the tim tam slam this year. is it just me or is jb getting girlier and girlier with every music video. i think my fever has left. the whole coat taking off moment was seriously funny. but that little newsie looking kiddo - adorable. ayley i am LOVING your christmas spirit right now. you seriously are such an example. i tend to struggle this time of year. it's always hard to not let the gifts and lights take over. so thank you for the constant reminders of the true meaning of christmas.

  2. i love that you guys are so inspired. its not that late but i am way tired and for some reason that is the only sentence that is coming to me? and when i read it, it seems to be lacking proper grammatical structure? maybe i am wrong? however, i love this post so much, and i love secret jb music videos.


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