Monday, December 5, 2011

date #2

we were lucky to have the first presidency speak 
on this lovely season

we were NOT lucky,
in that adam had to work until the evening. 

so we watched it "together",
yet apart
and texted thoughts to each other.

{talking about religion in such a public way has not always been the easiest thing for me to do. 
i have firmly believed in spreading the Gospel by example,
so i rarely will talk about it directly with just anyone.
sorry, if you're scared off by all this religion talk.
it's a big part of who i am.
this is a big deal for me. :) }

so "together"
we learned,
and were reminded,
to recommit to the Savior all year round,
that christmas is much more than all that we do to adorn the holiday,
that we should be like the wise men, laying our best gifts before Christ,
to remember the gifts we receive from the Savior and spread them to family, neighbors, friends, strangers,
that the light of christmas truly comes from Christ.

adam is keeping this thoughts private at this time,
which is a-okay.
he's mostly just said "wow" and "i loved it". 

perhaps the most important thing i took away from
is that christmas is the celebration of Christ's birth,
which moved the world
and would forever alter mankind. 
He remained on the earth for years and years,
spreading His love & message.

christmas should mark the birth of new goals centered around Christ,
centered around charity, love, kindness.

it may seem simple,
and we have heard it many times before,
but it brought the subject into a new light for me. 

christmas may be celebrated through bells & gifts & trees & peppermint everything
through the month of december,
but it must be celebrated in our hearts
all year round.

the greatest gift i can give Jesus 
is to point those i love & serve toward Him
through my words, actions, & all that i do...

to love others as He has loved me,
to serve others as though i have no limits to my energy,
to spread His message of love & good will to all men
by living as an example of Him. 

this is all that we want to do this christmas,
and i know i've said this a thousand times,
but so far we think
 it's the best christmas ever.

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  1. ayley this was so great. i'm so proud of you for sharing the gospel on your blog. it can be a super scary thing to do but i know you will be blessed for it and more importantly - you will be able to bless the lives of others. including my life ayley. i always learn and feel so much from your thoughts. thank goodness for you & your beautiful writing. i also love that you and adam talk about the gospel. what an important and wonderful aspect of a relationship.


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