Monday, December 26, 2011

date #11

how did i just learn that noel is another word for Christmas?

i feel like i've been through life
being taught something entirely different,
but ask me what that is.

no idea.

noel is such a pretty word!
adam & i got together and made a decoration to remind us of Christ using the word.

we gathered inspiration from miss caitlin holcomb, who is a genius!

not pictured are large jump rings & thick cotton cording to hang it!

{ if you want detailed instructions on how to make glitter letters, check here! we didn't follow them, but you could!}

adam isn't much of a crafter,
but was so super helpful
and surprisingly smart about where to find all of the supplies at the store,
how to hang it,
and how to secure the letters!
he even had a much better idea of using permanent spray adhesive as opposed to mod podge or glue,
which was infinitely better!
not a fan of mod podge, for some reason.

he even helped make our own glitter color when we couldn't find anything like the color i wanted
{which was more of a bronzey silver... not just silver silver! craft store employees didn't even know what i was saying!}
who knew??
impressed, i was.

we were inspired by the general fringe & glitter idea {here}
and added a little glitter trim
and some knotted, patterned fabric along the top!

here's where i show you a picture!

too bad it's at adam's house
& i didn't take a picture of the finished product
& he's out of town!

so weird, right?
i guess i was just so thrilled to be finished, i spaced photographing it!

use your imaginations.
it's super cute.
    trust me.
no one's more disappointed in me right now
THAN me. 

in other, related news,
i'm obsessed with glitter letters right now.

i now want to make glitter letters for my future home using these.
glitter makes me so so happy!

and working together on a project made us feel like this commercial
but not married,
and adam was the one standing back and telling me up, down, right, left, etc.
while we worked,
we hummed that little tune
and felt like corny fools.

and i loved it.

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  1. Please take pictures of this! I want to see it still.


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