Tuesday, November 29, 2011

that moment when...

...we're sitting on my bed as the sun is going down, making fun of the way bruno gets right before he has to yawn, talking about music/friends/inside jokes/family/old teachers, telling jokes in horrible accents followed by fake russian laughter, wrestling (& begging adam to go easy on me...), playing with each other's hair, telling secrets, noticing you're suddenly 6 inches away from each other whispering and not knowing when that began...

moments like these are heaven.


  1. AYLEY. These pics are heavenly. You are the master of font choice. Did you go back to blonde?

  2. that first picture. OBSESSED. did you take it? of course you did. you have a magical eye that sees beautiful things like that.

  3. i want to live in these pictures, they're so pretty. so is your love. it makes me smile and sigh and love life.

  4. cuties. also, beautiful photos. that light!


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