Tuesday, November 8, 2011

hennes & mauritz

this little store is opening
in a big way

i'm a little too excited.
{it may be the place where i got my favorite polka dotted dress, my favorite red skinnies, and my favorite white ruffled blouse.}

really, though...
people of utah will all be similarly dressed after this weekend,
it's that hawt.

in other news,
election day. 

head to the polls!
give the founding fathers a reason to be proud to look down at today's democracy.
they worked oh-so hard in establishing it!


  1. ayley. i'm glad we're friends. like when i review my life i'm glad you're in it. i'm excited to hang out more often.

  2. YEAAAAAWEEEEEEEEE. I can't wait for H&M. And I'm a dumdum and not registered in Logan to vote. IDIOT.


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