Thursday, September 22, 2011

urban speaker

about a year ago,
carl j. gómez de llarena
started this lovely art installation
called the urban speaker.

my sister told me bout it today.
when it is active,
you can call the number
and be heard in public
in nyc.

i love public expression.
people with signs,
overzealous tourists.

i love the people who shout or rant on the train.
i love protestors and supporters.
i love people speaking in public!

people sometimes don't have the nicest things to say,
but i don't care.
i love listening.

how i wish i could sit and listen to the urban speaker for hours on end.

for now, i will be TRY to be content
checking out the website
and listening to random vloggers on youtube, like usual.

you can join me in checking the website every 5 seconds for the next activation


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