Tuesday, September 20, 2011


someone once said
"a girl without freckles is like a night without stars".

then I learned in seventeen magazine
prolly like 4 yrs ago
that big percentage of guys would NOT date a girl with freckles.

it's a debate.

my freckles,
and I have lots and lots of them,
are imperfections.

hundreds of tiny imperfections.

I'd fit in with the weasleys,
farming families of the south,
ragamuffins in orphanages.

my freckles are a lot of things.

we have become acquainted over the years.
I know exactly which summers some of them appeared.
I know just what I was doing when my skin said "no more!" and freckled out.

they mark me.
they rid my skin of the porcelain perfection i was born with.
they tell my life story.
just like scars, scrapes and bruises.

my skin is a silent diary of my life.

it may not be pretty to look at
but my freckles make me who I am.

and I'd rather be me than somebody else.
freckies n all.


  1. I love your freckles. I love my freckles. I love ALL freckles.

  2. i n v ur frekklz.
    i think freckles are incredible.

    and i love this post.

  3. PS I love freckles too, it's one of my favorite parts of summer when I can see them appearing on my nose. I think they make people look innocent, and that is cute.

  4. i am obsessed with your freckles. you better love em!


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