Monday, September 5, 2011

five things i love today {mondayseptemberfifthtwothousandandeleven}

i love being happy.
i am a firm believer in
"you are in charge of your own happiness".

firm firm firm.

happiness makes the world more colorful,
makes quotes sink in deeper,
makes handshakes more hearty,
makes ice cream sweeter,
makes the sunset more beautiful,
makes life EASIER!

it is so hard to look around and see so much unhappiness around me. 

i want everyone to be happy.
i want to be happy,
and infect others with happiness.

the wisest people i know are also the happiest,
not because they are knowledgeable,
but because it is the most sensible way to be.

happiness in your heart brings about a perceptive way of life.

it's just better!

when i'm feeling unhappy,
i have to remove myself,
slap my own face and say,
and be happy already!"

because that's all it takes.
a few steps out of a room,
a splash of water on your face,
ten seconds of deep breaths,
cleansing your soul and shaving away the grime covering the light inside of you.

remembering that your eyes sparkle in the sunlight.
remembering that flowers still bloom,
and that night you will drift to sleep in the same, childlike way you always do.

what do you do with unhappiness?
banish it.
don't make room in your life for it.
fill every corner and every room of your soul up to the ceiling with things,
so it will not have a place to stay when it tries to nest inside of you.

just say no.
and be happy.

there is SO much to feel good about.

here are 5 things i love this beautiful day:

{1} simple secrets
i adore the fact that others do not need to know the intimate details of your happiness... that you can have innocent little secrets that you carry with you... that radiate from within. you never have to explain your happiness. you just have to share it.

{2} animals
it does not take much to make an animal happy. it's the simplest of things. if i were to come home with a hamburger for my bruno, he would fuhreak out with happiness. i adore when dogs are so happy their little bodies cannot contain it. they prance around, shake, wag their tails. i cannot imagine what that would feel like. just an overwhelming feeling of pure joy.

{3} adventure time
mentioned this frequently before but i think the people behind this show are rockstars. i'm such a huge nerd for this show! finn and jake are bffs living in a tree house, fighting witches and monsters, beatboxing, saving princesses, tricking the ice king, staying righteous and pure and sticking together no matter what. once, marceline the vampire queen took their house so they went house hunting, only to find that their real home is where they are together, no matter where it is. they're cuties.

{4} dreaming about my future children
it's years away {HOPEFULLY} but each day is another day closer to meeting my future children. the love i have for them already brings tears to my eyes. i don't even know them yet. sometimes i just close my eyes and feel them... feel their little souls in heaven. i try to make a link from their hearts to mine and i just want them to know how much i love them. i want them to know i cannot wait to meet them. i want them to know the power of my deep love for them. i. can. not. wait. 

{5} dreaming
i adore this quote. i want to grow old as a dreamer. i want my family to grow up believing. no ideas are stupid. no thoughts are too large. nothing is too big to be carried within you. if it is real to you, then who needs proof?

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  1. oh ayley we are twin souls with twin feelings and twin dreams. you speak my heart sometimes.


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