Wednesday, August 31, 2011

i love techknowledgey

i have been missing my dear computer!

having a laptop without a charger/power cord,
makes the laptop pretty useless!

last night i had a dream that when adam and i got married
went wrong.

my hair kept falling out.
i accidentally put blue eyeshadow on my cheeks.
my family was super upset the whole day.
we forgot to hire a photographer.
adam's family would rather stay in the hotel room than come to our wedding.
i was super late.
adam forgot to get a hotel room for the wedding night so we had to stay at my parent's house.
i looked horrible in my wedding dress.
i found out my ring was fake.
my freckles showed up dramatically.
my family treated me like i was just going to a dentist appointment or something...

i woke up crying.

i felt like such a brat.

i talked to adam today
and it was just weird
because it felt so real.

then i realized nothing like that would happen.
hopefully not. 

and the power of dreams still continues to astound me. 

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