Sunday, July 24, 2011


we have a bit of an obsession over here.

if there's an occasion,
we will make a shirt for it.

shirts for alice in wonderland recital:
shirts for fourth of july:

and of course... shirts for harry potter:

this clever diddy is something hannah came up with and should be on merch everywhere.

this last one is just because the dark lord looked stunning at the premiere.
had to get a picture with the guy.
doesn't he look great?
he attributes it to all the unicorn blood.

i'm glad these shirts are something i will actually wear after the occasions have passed,
unlike some i've made in times before.

super cheap.
super easy.
super awesome.


  1. those hp shirts rock. as in i hate that i didn't have one to wear to the premier.

  2. ohmygosh. whhhhhhhy did i not have one of those shirts?!?!?!?! mass produce those suckers so i can wear one every day of the year please.


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