Friday, April 1, 2011

i was born in the springtime

spring time.
i love you so much.
and when there is enough love there,
two beings make certain promises to each other.
so here are my vows to you, spring time.

i promise to...
- never wear shoes
- never eat lunch without a picnic basket
- plant as many ranunculus, centifolia roses, and peony bushes as my garden can handle
- visit the tulip festival
- never pass up the opportunity that a playground swing set brings to me
- fly a homemade kite
- throw a bbq
- drive my car with the top down allldatime
- blast music while the top is down alldatime.
- really take advantage of our herb garden this year
- wear dresses daily
- participate in spring cleaning!
- utterly exhaust my amazazazing bike from all the riding we will do
- wear overalls. you heard me.
- see the ocean
- take the puppy out to enjoy the weather daily
- hike until my legs can no longer take another step
- refinish some furniture
- never leave the house without a camera
- read a few good books {outside, of course}
- go kayaking
- braid my hair at least once a week
- skip down a tree-lined street
- buy fruits from roadside stands
- buy a wide brim hat
- paint my nails in springy colors evvvvry day
- tie bows in my hair with found ribbon scraps
- pray daily in thanks for the beautifulbeautifulbeautiful weather

i only ask one thing in return...

that you stay with me for as long as we both shall live
for better or for worse
til death do us part.

at least until summer takes over :)

my birthday is on sunday.
i'm so happy i was born just on the brink of flowers, bare feet, and EASTER.
conference is on my birthday this year.
wow... just WOW.
so much to be thankful for!

i went for a drive today.
top down.
hair down.
listening to music and getting down.

i haven't experienced happiness like this since the leaves left the trees.

the beauty that is all around me overwhelms my entire being.
the sun is shining,
birds are chirping,
grass is growing,
there are buds on my pear tree.


i love you so much.

i'm yours forever!


  1. i loooove this!!!!
    Spring is so wonderful!

  2. so, i'm thinking my bike gang should have a davis county chapter. that way all us cool kids can ride and laugh and play and be friends.


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