Thursday, March 3, 2011

stuff i like a bunch {silab}: lists

i realized i have neverending lists.
i'm aaaaalways making one, adding to an existing one, whatev.
i have to-do lists, to-see lists, to-wear lists... you name it.

i guess i like itemizing my intentions in life on paper.

what can i say,
i like lists.
in fact, i find myself on listverse a lot.
something about the format of a list is really attractive to me.

if you were to explore through my many tree-derived assets you will find a lot of written lists.

it's not like i have a written inventory of all possessions or nothin',
but you could find out a lot about me by reading my lists.
what i wanna do with my life,
what movies i want to see,
what things i consistently procrastinate,
places i want to go,
things i dream about, &
why i wake up in the morning.

lists are awesome
and they never seem to end,
which is good.
i never liked endings.

i watched up in the air again last night. 
in the movie he says "moving is living".

in the context of the movie, it's not such a positive thing.
in my life, however, it is a good mantra to add to my ever-growing list of phrases that inspire me.
lists keep me from collecting dust.
they keep me organized.
they further my body and spirit.

no wonder these are some of the books i've been most happy to acquire in the last year.

amazing things come in lists:
the commandments,
restaurant menus,
and the oh-so famous
bucket list that everybody has, whether it's written down or not.

so cheers to ambitions, organization, and enumerated aspirations.
go, lists.

{i have no idea where that picture directly came from. it was sent to me by a friend via sorry, person to put that caption over a picture of a cat. no photocred for you this time.}

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