Sunday, March 6, 2011

hey soul sister: i don't wanna miss a single thing you do

i love this girl.
i miss her.
one night we were talking about our relationship.
how it transcends the confines of our earthly state and it feels as though we are sealed together in some way.

cindi said she had a vision once of us meeting by a tree in heaven before we came to earth.
when we found out we would be born in the same time, we cried.
i looked her in the eyes and asked her fervently to find me, and cindi promised we would find each other.
and here we are now!

i just love that.

i love her!
she is doing sooo awesome on her mission. of course.
she wrote this recently.
i'm not mentioning it because she mentioned me in it...
but because she is lovely. her thoughts and soul are lovely.

here we go:

"One day I found the scripture in Isaiah 12: 3-4. "Behold God is my salvation, I will trust, and not be afraid; for the lord Jehovah is my strength and my SONG; and also is become my salvation. Therefore with joy shall ye draw water out of the wells of salvation.

Everyday we are all working to become better than we were the day before and always searching for the joy in all. "What can I do to receive greater Joy and happiness? How can I become stronger and a better servant of the lord?"
This scripture answers those questions and tells us where to draw out our joy: Wells of salvation: scripture, prayer, church, service. It also tells me in a way what to become, what to do to know who i am: SING! Every bird has its song"
No matter what Everyone has a song they sing. This song is their life journey: What they have seen, What they have become, and what they are becoming. This "song" is Everything they are, whether they see it or not. We always talk about finding out who we are. What does it mean to find out who we are? well whether people know it or not we are all the same song. We just sing it differently. Jesus Christ is our song and we will never understand who we are or what our song is, until we realize what the song is. We are all children of God, sent here to sing that song. First we have to realize that is the son. And naturally it is going to take practice singing ONLY that, but once we do we will be able to draw from the well of salvation; our joy.
When we sing Jesus Christ as our ONLY song, it means we have been perfected in and through Him. We have become every Christlike attribute and we can then return to live with our Heavenly Father, SINGING, for eternity.
 Ayley once said, "you can only be 100% of something" That is the same with this song it can only be 100%. if it is only 60% Christ then it is 40% of something else. And it matters not what that 40% is because if it is not Christ, then it is worth nothing. Thus making Christ everything and the ONLY way.
 so We must live, allowing the "other" percentage of everything else, except for Christ, to disappear and be replaced by Christ until he becomes 100% of the song we sing. Then when people hear my song, they no longer hear "Sister Dietz" they will hear "Christ"; without Christ as my song I am nothing.
The more we become like Christ, the more WE are nothing and the more we can BECOME something.
Those that lose their lives for others will find it.
I know this to be true."

i miss the girl.
oh and i made THIS for her:
and the first picture she sent me was her wearing that lovely sweater. how cute is that?
too cute.

she is truly a soul i could NOT live without.
she inspires me even when we are not together.
i love her.

if you want to write her... here is her address!

Sister Cindi M. Dietz
Alpine Mission
Ensingerstrasse 36
D-89073  Ulm

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  1. hold up. you made that sweater? get out. soooo good. you could sell that stuff in a store missy. which in fact you should probably do.


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