Wednesday, June 23, 2010


i'm not buying a new box of bandages
because i won't need them anymore.
i'm either going to wear my injuries proudly
or stay away from scissors.

might depend on the day.

i've bought so many boxes in the past.
it's funny how we go to the store and put the bandages among the other things we are planning on using:
a box of oranges
laundry detergent
like we're planning on getting hurt.
or maybe it's like buying insurance...
more of a "just in case" type of investment.

i bought you a box of bandages.
three of them.
because i knew you would get hurt.
not that i wanted you to...
i wanted to protect you.

i found some bandages when you stepped on a needle,
helped you get it out,
wrapped your foot up,
told you it was going to be fine.

i made a bandage out of a piece of a towel when we were in a pinch
and you were bleeding.

i'm sorry
but i can't bandage you anymore.
i have my own wounds to tend to,
and i'm losing more blood than you realize.

i can't be around you.
i can't.
not anymore.

i can't be around you
because you are too sharp
and i'm not buying any more bandages.

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